Cochran Platt Solutions

About Us

About Us

Cochran Platt Solutions exists to create value for our clients. Our virtual CIOs use their 20+ years of experience to find solutions to complex business problems. We have decades of experience using technology to drive efficiency, increase revenue/profitability, enhance customer service, improve operations, and ultimately increasing shareholder value.

We stand in the gap between business and technology. Our experienced team of experts operate with honesty and integrity in pursuit of your goals. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our Team

Ultimately, we are a team who enjoys solving problems using technology. We love a good challenge! To us, technology is fun. Yes, we know that puts us into a rather "odd" category, but we enjoy it. You will quickly recognize our passion for technology when we meet. Our team feels blessed to be part of the technology movement that is revolutionizing every facet of our lives. Please view our biographies for more information about each of our vCIOs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“… Honest, trustworthy guidance from an incredibly knowledgeable team. Cochran-Platt’s virtual CIOs displayed professionalism, exemplary leadership, deep business knowledge, and an uncanny ability to solve complex challenges using technology.”
“Worked tirelessly to repair broken relationships between IT and Operations. Quickly earned the respect of others, recognized opportunities to improve processes, and immediately implemented solutions to drive results. Our ERP implementation would have failed without the guidance of Cochran-Platt’s virtual CIO.”
“…Never met an individual with such a positive attitude who is dedicated to the success of his clients. Cochran-Platt has transformed our IT department into a well-respected, strategic business partner that delivers innovative solutions to our challenges. We receive the benefit of having a full-time Chief Information Officer for only a fraction of the cost. Cochran-Platt will remain on retainer with us a long as I am CEO.”