Virtual CIO and IT Consulting FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of experience do you have serving large clients (5000+ employees)?

We have had the privilege of serving large hospital systems, large insurance organizations, and other multi-billion dollar companies who serve many of the Fortune 100.

Does your team work remotely or do you come onsite?

We serve your organization in the capacity you define. We service as remote consultants, onsite IT consultants, or even as full-time, iterim CIOs.

When working remotely, how does your team interact with customers' teams?

Cochran-Platt solutions leverages technologies such as Skype for Business, WebEx, Jabber, or Google Hangouts to collaborate with your team in real-time via video.

We have a number of strategic initiatives we would like to accomplish this year. Can you assist by overseeing these initiatives?

Yes, we offer strategic guidance as part of our virtual CIO service. While we do not perform project management duties, we will assist in formulating your strategic plan, evaluating existing plans, or overseeing the implementation of your well-defined strategy.

How does Virtual CIO Service differ from Managed Service Providers (MSP)?

We operate as a trusted partners who provide strategic planning, digital transformation, cost optimization, operational review, advisory services, compliance/audit reviews, process improvement, and innovation.

MSPs, on the other hand, are generally responsible for providing core services such as data center management, help desk support, and other activities designed to "keep the lights on". Their focus is very tactical while ours is very strategic.

How does a CIO differ from an IT Manager?

An IT manager is an important part of your team. Typically an IT manager is tasked with ensuring the servers, network, and communications infrastructure are operating properly. Help desk support, data backup/disaster recovery, are also major parts of an IT manager's job.

A virtual CIO operates at a higher, more strategic level with an emphasis on business. He/she examines the business environment to understand potential impacts to technology. Is a new ERP system required to gain efficiency in revenue cycle management? Could the company benefit from moving its data center assets to a cloud provider? Are there pending government regulations that will impact our data retention strategy? Could a unified communications strategy improve collaboration and reduce corporate travel costs?

What areas of the country does Cochran-Platt serve?

We proudly serve customers across the United States of America. Our consultants reside primarily in Northeast Arkansas and West Tennessee. Many of our consulting clients are located in: